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Experience the freedom of using both hands with Pride Leads! Immerse yourself in the luxury of 100% buffalo hide leather, skillfully secured by solid brass rivets and adorned with all-brass fittings. Handcrafted with precision in Australia, each lead is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, meticulously assembled using hammer and anvil. Elevate your dog-walking moments with the premium touch of our meticulously crafted Pride Leads. It’s not just a lead; it’s a statement of quality and sophistication.

Discover why Pride Leads are the ideal choice for you! From youth to golden years, whether tall or short, our fully adjustable, soft-sided edged leather grip ensures you’re always in full control. Perfect for your toy terrier or St. Bernard, this easy-to-wear lead is designed to last a lifetime. With proper care, satisfaction is guaranteed. Embrace quality, control, and durability with Pride Leads!

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Are you tired of struggling with flimsy, unreliable dog leashes that just don’t measure up? Introducing Pride Leads – the epitome of luxury and functionality for you and your beloved canine companion.

Crafted with care from 100% genuine leather and adorned with solid brass fittings, Pride Leads exude elegance and durability. Picture your furry friend strutting proudly by your side, adorned with a leash that reflects your commitment to quality and style.

But it’s not just about looks – it’s about practicality too. With Pride Leads, you can enjoy the freedom of using both hands while ensuring your pet stays safely by your side. Thanks to the innovative design featuring solid brass rivets, you can confidently navigate your walks, knowing that your furry friend is securely tethered to you.

Join the ranks of discerning dog lovers who demand nothing but the best for their four-legged companions. Choose Pride Leads – where luxury, functionality, and safety converge for an unparalleled walking experience.


Experience The Pinnacle Of Craftsmanship And Quality Assurance With Our Product’s 10-Year Warranty.

Crafted From 100% Buffalo Hide Leather And Meticulously Secured By Solid Brass Rivets, Each Piece Embodies Durability And Elegance. Handcrafted With Precision In Australia, Our Product Reflects A Dedication To Excellence That Ensures Its Longevity And Reliability.

With Our 10-Year Warranty, You Can Trust In The Lasting Quality And Satisfaction Of Your Purchase, Providing You With Peace Of Mind For Years To Come.

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